Hello & Bienvenidos / Welcome!

Bienvenidos / Welcome!

I’m Jisely & I will be your host… displaying: Fashion, Food, Arts, Adventures, Music, and Events. 

A little about me… I am of Dominican Republic descent, first generation American.

I started a few career ventures some succeeded but all gave me lessons to share.

I’m currently 1/2 of a Latina Empowerment apparel brand called Su_Ella, also featured in multiple media outlets, with my friend Lian Amado.

I recently put my illustration out for the world to see, my oldest sister Jasmín convinced me to do it. My fear of being criticized was definitely tested but then I thought “what do i have to lose?”.

Releasing my art gave me the courage to publish my collection of thoughts. These were random thoughts that popped up in my head that expressed how I really felt about a situation, words I was to shy or scared to say out-loud. Writing became my form of therapy. It all made sense on paper.

Pretty much I’m all over, kinda still trying to figure out where my heart is, and that’s OK! I’m on no ones scheduled but my own.

Feel free to ask me any questions.


Hope you enjoy! besoss.