Latin History for Morons

Broadway week, one of two best weeks in NY!

When you get to get two for one tickets on most shows!!

Can’t beat that!

Lion King is ALWAYS sold out in the first 5min.

So we went for something new and fresh…

John Leguizamo… Latin History for Morons.

I thought I knew ALL my cultures history… and boy was I wrong…

my emotions was everywhere… from laughter to tears to anger… how we came a long way & yet we are so far.

I would attend again just to take in more notes!

The story behind his reason to creating this show was amazing… he teaching his son about the culture as he struggles to find a hero to speak of in school.

Before the show i went to enjoy the 2nd best week in NY, restaurant week!!! Just like broadway week, this is the best time to eat at restaurants you normally can’t afford, pre fix menus but you get their best dishes.

Red Rooster… southern comfort food

Lian, had shrimp and grits.

I had a chicken sandwich… (soooooo good!)

On the side we had (the best!) Brussels sprouts, and Mac & Cheese…

Lian surprised me with a late bday dessert lol like 2 month late lol…

The night was young so we made a quick stop to support fellow Dominican artists Peralta…

loved his work for years!

He has a cute little shop / print shop in Harlem. Must go!

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