Table for One

The food corner... I'm a foodie (who isn't) I may not step out to restaurant as often as I wish I can afford but when I do, I make sure to stop at 1 of the many on my list of places to eat at in the tri-state. I will be sharing details, pictures and [...]

Charlotte, NC

Road Trip to NC. My first time in NC, it was very pleasant the feel was young, so i will definitely return, and there was plenty of food i haven’t tried. just a few states away The mall candy shop had all the vintage goods BLM street art We found a cute out door lounge [...]

FRIENDS experience NY

who don’t love F•R•I•E•N•D•S this is my 2nd pop-up inspired by the show.. the first was back in 2014, when they brought Central Perk to life. This time they went all out, recreating both apartments + central perk, along with other memorable moments and props. The famous orange couch! And fountain scene. MOOD Like it [...]

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement 1. Know if they wants a private or public private: intimate setting, just you two. public: including family/friends or strangers. 2. Know the ring size. It must suck to have to wait to show off your ring because it needs to get sized. 3. Know their interest. Can be mutual interest also. [...]

Mindful Parenting at the Park

Mindful Parenting at the Park

This month Amiga Moms is teaming up with the beautiful Jisely J. who is an amazingly talented children's illustrator and half of the su_ella brand!   Together we are bringing you MINDFUL PARENTING AT THE PARK being held on Saturday, August 31st from 1:00-3:00pm in James J. Braddock North Hudson Park located in North Bergen, New Jersey (or for those of us from [...]