NYC Winter Lantern Festival

So as I was searching for a Holiday activity to do this season, I came across a great deal on Groupon for this Winter Lantern Festival in NYC, the first to host in the US… and sure won’t be the last.

They also have further details on Instagram:

The whole botanical garden was filled with different displays..

I’m not sure how long the walk is but I do suggest 4 things… 1. Wear comfortable shoes 2. Shoes that you don’t care to dirty (due to weather it is muddy but they also have a walking path to minimize the mud) 3. Take your time, do not feel the need to rush through the crowd. 4. Enjoy the free performances they have.


If you purchase online / Groupon, there’s a quicker line for that.

The light path… probably 1 of my favorite

The love birds aka frogs

The color on this light path i loved..

Lots of animal display

Sea world…

Welcome to China…

Kids play area… but i got in the fun…

There’s also food trucks (we got Cousins Maine Lobster- very delish) to enjoy and also (cash only) vendors selling Chinese souvenirs.

Hope they bring this back next year.. enjoy! xoxo

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