Bustle presents: Rule Breakers – Festival

Sorry it took me a while to post, been trying to enjoy the last of the nice weather.

My sister Jasmin put me on to this festival, it was like 40$ so i said sure why not!

And probably the best I’ve attended! I’ll definitely return!

They were very well organized (besides the bag check line- but that’s just anywhere)

They had so much activities leading to the performances. Practically everything was free. I think i spent 10$ and that was on food. They provided FREE drink tickets, for 3 different vendors. And since I’m not a heavy drinker that was perfect!!


Register to get the news on upcoming events!

The line up:

Once ticket scanned you get your wrist band + schedule which include tickets to free drinks and activities.

1st Stop! ELF!! Got my face glitter freckles, now i want to wear it all the time!

Also peep my RULE BREAKERS tote, that was given to the first 1,000 ppl, had lots of goodies (sorry no pics).

Elf gifted eye shadow pallets while supply last.

2nd Stop: St. Ives, they gifted face scrub or lip balms.

3rd Stop: WMBA – awesome photo opportunity!

They gifted makeup pouches!

4th Stop: MK roller rink

Ps idk how to skate sooooo i just picked up my free socks lol

At this time we needed a drink!!…

Rita was designing 1 nail.. + free drink with ticket. The design wasn’t so great, i chose a Lemmon and got a BLOB lol

The line to Maleficent was toooo long! You got to decor a crown and got a free black icecream which i reallyyyyyy wanted!

This is prob our 8th stop… and a fail lol but so funny.

We can at least said we tried it.

This was also free with a ticket.

Now is time to EAT! You’ve probably seen my Midnight Market post on food section. Well i found them here! I didn’t even know they were a vendor!

I finally got my chicken Parm garlic knot sandwich, was amazing! + water = 10$

After hours of walking the park and exploring we wanted to make sure we got a great spot for Lizzo!

So we sat through some openers, the music wasn’t bad either.

Lizzo was great energy!

Looking forward to next year! I hope is in the same park, cus i found a great parking spot lol


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