Table for One

The food corner…

I’m a foodie (who isn’t) I may not step out to restaurant as often as I wish I can afford but when I do, I make sure to stop at 1 of the many on my list of places to eat at in the tri-state.

I will be sharing details, pictures and experiences here.

Buen Provecho = Bon Appetite

Hatch 44 Cafe

Metuchen, NJ

I probably won’t return, cute location, once seated the service was good, the food wasn’t anything spectacular

Oreo nutella pancakes avocado toastthe pancakes were undercooked

The Block

Long Branch, NJ

Santo Brúklin

Brooklyn, NY


New York

After visiting American Museum of Natural History, we took the subway C located in the museum to the next stop… walked two blocks or so to Mermaid…

The wait was a minute but due to the size of our group 6 adults 2 children. We sat indoors which was great way to cool down from the New York City heat.

Service was quick and food was delicious, my brother wasn’t to impressed with the lobster roll, but the size was great.

I had Eggs Benedict with ham (salmon is an option), delicious, I didn’t leave any crumbs…

My drink was the “on holiday” bartender wasn’t greedy, it was strong but again I’m not a drinker.

My mother and older Sister had farmers market

And my sister in law and younger sister had the fish tacos.

I wouldn’t rush to return only because NY has so much to offer but if I’m ever in the area with no other options, I would definitely go back for seconds.

The Ashford

Jersey City, NJ

It was girls night with my bestie Brenda,

Music was great! The vibe was awesome… definitely will return for the summer rooftop.

We went for appetizers, and all were great choices.

Ps. 90min per table. So plan accordingly. We showed up at 7ish and didn’t have a long wait… but when we were leaving the line outside was very very long.

Roots Steakhouse

Ridgewood, NJ

Mules my drink of choice. Always refreshing.

Oysters to start

Applewood Smoked Slab Bacon, I don’t normally go for this style, but it was very delicious.

Lobster Bisque, another flavorful starter.

I had Seard Bernegat Sea Scallops

Josh i the, 20oz Dry Aged Kansas City Steak

AOI Japanese Restaurant

APA Hotel, Iselin NJ

Valentine’s Day, we chose Japanese sushi! The ambiance was very quiet and calm. The decor had me feeling as if I was not in the US anymore.

The host and waiter were lovely & helpful.

The food was delicious, best sushi I’ve ever had, not sure if all the stars aligned, but it was truly amazing! I tasted the freshness of the seafood and it was warm like freshly cooked and not cold like all the last sushi I’ve had.

Started with miso, never fails.

We ordered some saki bomb which I failed…

And order more saki to sip on, the flavor was pear.

Our rolls were Medusa, Volcano, Caterpillar, all 5 stars for me!

We needed our meal with a complimentary valentines dessert.

Rest assured, we will be returning. Girls night?!!

Woodstack Pizza Kitchen

Metuchen, NJ

After watching Kevin Heart recent standup show “Zero fks given” that took place at his home, he told a story on a dream he had where he attended Jerry Seinfeld dinner party where he served BOP = Brick Oven Pizza & all his guest were so excited, they cheered “BOP BOP BOP”, kevin heart then proceeds on how he wanted the same reaction and attention from his family and friends, but failed.

This was my opportunity to go to this restaurant on my list to try! Woodstack restaurant makes their own bread, and beer! Their atmosphere is cabin woodsy vibes. I suggest making reservations, wait can be minutes to hours.

Here’s all we got!

Our Appetizers: Olives and freshly made bread

Meatballs, and I must admit I am not a fan of meatballs, like I don’t crave it and nor would I order it at restaurants, but Josh loves and I’m glad he ordered them, so tender, melts in your mouth!

Rice balls… another item I won’t go out my way to order or even consider, but these were so good!! Crispy on the outside and so soft in the inside, I’ll definitely will get again.

Here comes the BOP BOP BOP…

We ordered Margarita Pizza

Pepa Pig… this was delicious and sweet

And the famous Baratta pizza

Some how we had room for dessert..

Ice-cream with a scoop of Nutella & Cannoli & Vanilla… our favorite was Cannoli!

Butterscotch Budino this was just perfect, i would get this for myself next time.

Service was amazing, our waiter was very cool and informative.

We attended Brunch hours, next visit will be dinner, and try that menu.

Rooster Spin

New Brunswick, NJ

Pin house

North Carolina.

Brewery, serving all types of beer, is like beer heaven.

You get a wristband and they monitor your dunking (32oz max unless they see you can handle it then they will add more oz)

Hungry? They have food trucks, or you can simply have uber eats / Grubhub deliver to this location.

I had a frozen – rose

And the host did warn us that with two you’ll be buzzed, I myself was good with one

Project Brunch


Is clearly stated in their name, Brunch.

Bodega Pizza


Pizza with a Latin Touch.

Very affordable, serving personal pies. Definitely can be shared.

I ordered the 4 cheese calzone and couldn’t finish it. So filling.

The decor is made to feel like you in a bodega… i love its so laid back and casual.

Nutella Calzone was delish!!! I couldn’t finish! Then again i was alone lol.

Will i return?! Most definitely to try a pie!


Brick, NJ

Before going to see Hustlers movie. We decided first stop brunch!

Meemoms was the place and apparently all my friends knew but me!

Started with a s’mores chocolate milk

Got a Cali wrap. So good i ate the whole thing!

We shared their item, carrot French toast, so delish!

Would i return?! Most definitely!! They had sooooo many opts to try that sounded soooo good!

Bodega Negra


Located between Tao and Philip Chow, connected to Dream Hotel, across from Chelsea Market and near the Highland park… Perfect location to explore.

Parking is across the street for 66$… You can find street parking with time and patience.

This dinner was special date night, celebrating my wonderful boyfriends birthday. I made reservations a few days before, if you are trying to go at a certain time I suggest booking weeks advance.

If you yelp it, you will probably com across my review. I loved my experience, from beginning to end. Are waiter was cool and attentive, even other tables waiters checked up on us (we were surprised at that service) manager also made sure we were pleased.

The decor is rustic modern barn… Super cute… i loved the penny disco ball in the center of it all. Josh was loving it all! Made me happy

First I will say, the menu on their website is just a portion of what’s on their restaurant menu.

Josh and I couldn’t figure out what to eat, so many good opt.

Before we even placed our drink order, our waiter treated us to a shot of patron… I’m not a heavy drinker but I took it, not to offend him lol

We did order a pitcher of sangria, the menu only list Red but they can make it white. (68$) and we didn’t even finish the whole thing. If you are drinkers I suggest the pitchers save yourself some coins.

We started with queso fundido (cheese fondant 15$) and tortillas… i think it had some meat in it, was so good I didn’t have time to figure it out.

Josh ordered the habanero steak tacos… We laughed so much with this one… Everyone was checking up on him to make sure if he really wanted to eat it, and if he needed milk lol he definitely paced himself between bites. They are small but deadly.

Presentation was very creative. Josh loved it.

i have the chicken and chorizo fajitas… This was fantastic!! Right amount of seasoning, peppers and cheese on a bed, with sour cream, tomatoes, guacamole, and chimichurri sauce for extra taste… I was obsessed with the chimi sauce. So delicious when you put it all together on a tortilla.

And their infamous dessert… Don Juevon (16$)… This is what originally captured my attention when they first opened and been on my list of restaurants ever since.

The cake stood warm… It was perfect ending.

Total was 169$ (tip not included)

We will be returning, maybe on a Monday which is their famous night. But definitely for happy hour, that bar menu looks delicious.

Vida Verde


The BFF put me on to this place and honestly can’t wait to go back!

The decor was super cute!!

Is a 21 and over restaurant with rooftop.

We started with of course… Guacamole!! Freshly made in front of you.

i had a blue berry coconut Margarita.. Very refreshing and strong.. But I’m not a margarita drinker.

Brenda had shrimp quesadilla.. They were very stuffed.

And I had friend fish tacos… i wanted to try something different than my safety chicken lol and I’m glad I did.

Once we paid our 100$ tab (tax and tip included) we headed to the roof.

They also have a second level bar.

We went for the frozen Margarita

2 for 37$ with tip included.

The vibe is cute, people are casual, the music was good.

Summer time location for sure!

The Melt Shop

Menlo Mall / also located in NY

My first time having it, and definitely won’t be my last. Now that it’s around the corner from home, I will be going once a month so I don’t OD.

Cafe Paris

Metuchen NJ

A little over price if you ask me, but then again can’t expect cheap with a name Paris.

The place is cute not big but also not tiny. We went for easter and the wait was not long.

MidNight Food Market

Jersey City

This is soooo creative. An adult only market party…

entrance start at 5$, they host made sure each vendor had at least 1 5$ dish.

Got to meet 1 of the 2 event creators..

There was also swings, photo booths, henna tattoo, and games.

The DJ was amazing.

Food was delicious!.

Fried Ice cream to end my night!

I spent less than 40$ and it also included 2 beers.

Next event May 10th 90s party.

Le Peep

Edison NJ

Is only open for breakfast and brunch.

The wait isn’t long but it is very busy, so have patience for the waiters.

I’ve only gone twice and have enjoyed it each time. A must try, in the area.

SEA the Thai Experience in Brooklyn NY

Super cute and trendy. I went for a birthday, The menu was pre fix with options to include drinks or not.

The food was delish. The desserts weren’t so much.

Drinks were strong (some liked it others not so much because it was Sunday)

The bench seating did have my butt hurting, the music was good. The waiters were quick. I’ll definitely be returning when the weather is nice.

Jolie Cantina Brooklyn NY

Cute and small corner spot…

My sister were in NY for a pop up, got hungry and went into the first place we came across and were not disappointed!

Yummy complementary churros.

Drinks were perfectly made, not strong or weak.

I have the chicken quesadilla, every bite was delicious!!

My sister had a breakfast dish which i honestly can’t remember the same but let’s just say nothing was left behind

After an hour wait (well worth it) my best friend and I made it to

Just Be Claws in Jersey City…

We aren’t always in the area so we made sure to take advantage this time.

Started with so crab cheese fries and if you know me you know cheese fries are my weakness!!! And adding crabs is just a plus!

So delicious now I’m craving.

You chose your between crab options and lobsters, and two sides, and seasonings.

I went for their signature.

And i tell my self all the time not to get lobster for the lack of meat but i can’t help it.

It was very messy but fun!

Would i go again? Maybe but maybe I’ll just order to pick up.

Another restaurant on my list…

La Flaca.

I came across this place while searching for a burlesque show.

But no show just food this time around.

Garlic shrimp delicious!

Drinks were very good!

I had the chicken flautas, crunchy and flavorful.

Brenda has steak and she didn’t complain.

If I’m in the neighborhood I’ll return for sure.

I plan to continue to scratch off restaurant from my list. If you have suggestions please share!


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