CUBA part uno

Like I previously mentioned, I was lucky to have had my brother and his wife go ahead of me to Cuba, and take notes and connect with people who will make my trip go as smooth as possible. 

Roland our driver, greater my friends and i at the airport with his friend, being that is was 5 of us plus luggage, he needed an additional car. Do ask in advance for price of the ride (if you don’t go with my drivers) to and from airport cost us 25-30$ per car (split with 5 of us = 5$-6$ each)

Where we happen to be staying was near Castro home, also Hemingway Marina (reminds me of star island Miami) also casa Furter mosaic art garden…

Calls for our 1st location in our vintage car tour:

 #Fusterlandia = free / accepts donation ; if you have ever attended a mosaic garden you’ll understand the time and passion these artist have put into their work… Foster has decorated the whole street plus more around Cuba. 

And right out side they have the cutest souvenir shops, the 1st you can customize your leather bags with your name for free, the bags start at 5$… also outside fresh coconut water…

2nd stop #TempoBosque de la Havana… = free, beautiful green park with a river.. where if you are lucky you will see Santeria rituals practice (creeped me out!!) 

But i caught this cute little taxi parked and got to capture it…

3rd stop… Jose Marti Memorial = free to walk around 6$ to walk inside and go to the top floor.

Inside you will see a lot of history about Jose Marti & Fidel Castro… though this piece of art was amazing.. Frida Kahlo was also captured in it,

Top floor view… I say pay the 6$ is worth the AC on the top floor lol

4th stop Christ of Havana

You can see all of Havana from up there…

Around here you can also see Che house

5th location; El Morro Castle, 6$. If you haven’t bought souvenirs you. can find good deals out side the castle. If you negotiate.

Walk around and you will see so much more beauty…

Right out side of this area you will find a cute little cart, 5$ fresh pina collars cant beat that

6th location ; Hemingway house 5$

Most windows are open for you to get a better view inside

If i can make an entire post about my visit to his house… there was a lot to see

If the stairs are open you can see the view from up top 

7th location we went on a walking tour… 

Ther are cute resturants and art  museums as well in the Plaza Vieja 

Havana Cathedral 

La bodegita del medio = mad house… so busy I suggest taking a pic writing your name on their wall and being out… unless you are lucky to have gone on a slow day

Part 1 of This vintage car tour around #Havana + walking tour = 200$ for two cars (split with 5 girls = 40$, not including going into #Hemingway 5$, Jose Marti 6$ or Morro Castle 6$.) some tour guides charge 65$ for just Hemingway.

These are just random pics captured while in the car, you will see lots of these statues 

And art… i loved this one thee most

To be continued to part 2 & night life

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