CUBA part dos

Now on to part 2, which was on a separate day… was 50$ because we walked our self to get a better feel of the Cuban life, our driver dropped us off at Parque Central… i suggest not going in to deep on the side street, prepared to get hit on.

Where you can see the old building and new art by local Cuban artist 

Tell us how you really feel about our pres. Cuba..

Near parque central you will find Floridita 

And i must say THEE BEST Daqueri EVER!! Now craving

Is the Daqueri house do not order anything else the bartenders get annoyed… but they are sweet. 

After the small walking tour, our driver took us to El Callejon de Hamel… where everything was made from old bath tubs and tires anything the artist could get his hands on. Fast and Furious was filmed here. There is also a small bar and restaurant in here, also be aware of the kids… bring candy if you plan to stop here…

Sundays after 12pm, live salsa music for those to have that street vibe + dancing. 

Which brings me to night life… though I didn’t experience a lot, I’m sure my second time around ill get to know more, just talk to your drivers or bartenders or waiters and even cab drivers will know what is fun to do at night for dancing.

Fabrica de Arte Cubano – open Thursday – Sunday 8pm – not sure, entrance is 2$, you will get a card if lost will be 30$, they also serve food, the alcoholic drinks start at 3$

A good blend of live music and art

They had a cool adidas exhibit..

Just so you know music is either techno, rock, hip hop.. 

I suggest arriving early before 10pm, line gets long, ladies don’t wear heels.

I think my best night out in Cuba was attending Tropicana = 2hr show ticket start at 75$-95$ these seats include champagne glass + a bottle of Cuban Rum per group  (it was 5 of us so they gave us 2 bottles) if you would our would like dinner it will be an additional 25$ per plate (i will have pics in the food post) there is also packages dinner; drinks and show for 120$ which sell out quick. Our driver got us their number to make these reservations

What an amazing two hour show!! 

Also there is a 5$ for photo 15$ for video pass – charge, what we did was 1 paid and she recorded to then later send to us but then i noticed no one was going around and checking who had the pass so then i started taking pics but not trying to take advantage.

Such a great show i think i would attend every time i go to Cuba

Up next FOOD!!

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