Uniting Curls in Corporate America

I had the honor & privilege to have been chosen to be part of this genius event.

Celebrating natural curly hair, and the woman who work in corporate. We got to learn about each other and how our natural hair may come across or even affect our job.

Along with being a part of something cool i also made new friends…

@le_frosie teacher by day who also has inspires her students to embrace their curls is also a hair vlogger…
look for her on YouTube.com/c/kilsirodriuez

@thesweetsoundofjazz who works in a law firm… her shirt says it ALL! You have to be strong minded to work in a industry that’s mostly men.

@fitzed_devacurl she answers all our prayers when it comes to tips for our hair!! Scissor Gawd!!

And none would of been possible with out @mysisterscurls who put such a great event together

And here is some of me and my many faces when i speaks… this is my new panel.. and i still haven’t concord my fear of public speaking lol

Curls in Corporations Q&A

MSC: Why is this topic (curls in the work setting) important to you

Jisely: we shouldn’t be forced to tame our hair, to comfort someone’s idea of what is professional or what is suitable for a business. We should empower, and support and influence each other to be proud of our Curls.

MSC: can you talk about what it’s like rocking your natural hair in your industry?

Jisely: It’s freeing, I’m around a lot of the same style so I’m not looked at differently or odd

MSC: Do u consider the natural hair community a trend/wave?

Jisely: I’ll say is a staple… it will always be in. The luxury of having curly hair is, we can straighten it, style it, any new trend that comes by.

MSC: Why is this important to you.

Jisely: It’s who I am, my hair is me, that is how I’m described and remembered, by my curls

MSC: What influence has it made in your life/work

Jisely: Life, if anything made me appreciate my roots/history… I remember when I was 16 and got my hair straightened and my mother told me I didn’t look pretty, at 1st I was offended that my mother would call me ugly… but later figured out that she preferred me and found me beautiful with my curls that she gave me.

MSC: How do you incorporate this with Su_ella

Jisely: Su Ella is for Latinas by Latinas… my hair makes me relatable.

& how @su_ella came about…

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