I guess you can say I left the best details for last… my brother told me if I don’t make it here I wasted a trip to Cuba. How I don’t regret this 2 maybe 3 hour drive to Varadero…

The ride was smooth, i would of gotten annoyed in NJ / NY being in a car for that amount of time with no actual scenery.

But CUBA has so much to see.. from both sides of the car…

This trip to and from the beach was 180$, our driver was Raul, (mentioned in the first post)

We were lucky to have had our driver, who was very informative, he had previous customers who he brought to this beach that found a restort where for a low price they got an all inclusive badge for the day… we paid 30$, and were able to use their pools, have lunch and drinks all inclusive. If we gotten there early we could have planned excursions.

Brisa Del Caribe… first thing we did was grub!

My brother was approached my snorkeling instructors for 20$ you can swim with fishes. He also mentioned prior to this trip that the beach does not rent chairs, so bring a blanket. Again we got lucky to have found a resort on the beach where we got to lay on chairs and under umbrella…

Oh but we got there it was so worth the drive… Varadero is considered one of the top most beautiful beaches…

There is also a tiki bar on the beach for those who go to this resort… be sure to tip the bartender.

This beach left of brand new… until we meet again Cuba.

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