Afro Punk 2017

My sister treated me to this 2 day music festival event, in Brooklyn NY. I’m trying to attend 1 music event / concert a year, and being very proud of my African roots, this one sounded great!.

She got us VIP tickets which were great, because the regular admission line was wrapped around the block, and if you know NY blocks you know that line was ridiculous. So we practically walked right in, after a quick security check.

So we in… we stroll around get to know where each stage is at, where the VIP areas are & where is the food, because i did my research of all the food vendors that would be in attendance before i even knew who was performing lol.

We also came across the MET station where they had this cute little icy truck.. the line was long (as was for any & every food station) so I didn’t get to taste.

The MET station was prob my favorite, we got to interact with others… and do craft & anyone who knows me know I’m all for hands on DIY things…

I also got to add SU_ELLA to the art board… had to leave my mark.

As we continue our stroll the park was decorated with arts.. and lights… i can always appreciate someone’s imagination on display..

(More pics to be added)

Now let the music play…

The performance were great. No complaints there. If any, it mite be the VIP areas, only 1 out of all was big enough to hold all the VIP ticket holders… getting & out of the VIP was a mission, and getting into or out of any stage areas was scary, i even settled to eating red meat because to get to the food trucks was not happening.

But everyone around was nice to each other which I LOVED so much. There was no pushing no rudeness, everyone knew we were in this traffic together. A random girl held my hand to i wont get mushed between walls.

I also felt we didn’t get much for the price we paid for the tickets. I think i would have had a better time with a regular admission, and a blanket to lay on the grass to lay on.

Selfie in the VIP… but i can say the view if you really like to stand close to the stage is definitely great in the VIP.

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