Art Basel 2017

My first year attending and i can say I’ll return…

This time of year is not the same crowd from the summer, which is great.

Art Basel Dec 7-10, but pre parties start the 5th.

Thursday 7th- we arrived, we booked Airbnb… hotels were ridiculously expensive, it was a condo next to Prime, near Story night club.

checked in / settled in (local fun is 10min walking distance)

First night we kept it basic, went to Mangos for dinner (tacos & chicken & shrimp)

Friday 8th-

>Art of Africa 17$ 12pm-5pm ; two buildings for the price of one.

I was honored to meet the founder, who appreciated my su_ella shirt “yo soy Afro-Latino”

Stopped at Planet sushi (miso soup & edamame, shrimp tempura & Hawaiian Roll & Nutella roll)

Later that night while waiting on one more friend went around the corner to Primo Pizza they had some giant slices

Then Adidas had a very private party we found on EventBright (free) but the line was ridiculous over a two hour wait, you can’t buy your way in. Also no phone were aloud.

Saturday 9th-

Breakfast at Big Pink, up the street from our place, food was great, skip the biscuit. Also bring an umbrella.

Mural Festival (free + 1 drink, on event bright) 12pm-9pm

Plenty of bars / restaurants, block party / festival vibes, food trucks and vendors.

Honestly when i return, i plane to stay in this are, everything was there.

Second spot of the day, Woodfer cafe 10$ 4pm-12am… i would of been okay skipping this.

Sunday 10th-

Wet Willies basic Miami activity.

Spectrum 25$ (Groupon had a two for one special)


Dress for the cold (bring a jacket) and pack an umbrella for the random rain

Lyft was cheaper than Uber

Well that’s that… xoxo

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