LatinX Meet Up!

It was such a great meet up!

You see influencers via social media.. makeup / hair / fashion… but little come with cultural history.

To sit in a room filled with LatinX dreamers from all backgrounds and upbringings was amazing!

We need more!

Su_Ella follows @latinx when i seen their brunch event was hosted in NY i jumped on it! I personally thought they were located in California being that i felt the East coast is not as cultural as the West Coast. This community is small but growing and I’m glad we came across this. We need more!

They had a cute give away… which we were honored to gift to…

Funny story! The winner sat at our table and before they announced the winning ticket she yells out “pick me!” And they did…

Oh and small world kinda but not really… so Part of the attendees went to see Latin History for Morons and a tiny group of us stood behind to continue to brunch… and we all happen to be from NJ… like 15 min from my home! Lol

A musician A power-lifted A lifestyle blogger…

My eyes are half shut but this was the best (shrug)

Until next time!! Because this sure won’t be the last!


Brunch & Show

Just brunch:

More details to come…

The host Instagram:

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