Dream Machine

I came across this cute creative interactive exhibit via Instagram…


there’s about 8 rooms..

Room 1: clouds

Room 2: bubbles (slippery room)

Also feel free to try 3 flavors of sparkling water…

Room 3: Black & White (no photo yet)

Room 4: the laundry room (serving cotton candy)

Room 4 also has hidden Room 5: the infinity room (photo coming soon)

Room 6: the pool – this was fun, make sure your phone is on ringer Incase it gets lost inside.

Room 7: the hall way

Room 8: the jungle

Room 9: fringe (my anxiety kicked in trying to get out)

& the exit!!

Be sure to leave your mark on the wall…

And shop their mini mart…

We went on a Thursday 2:30pm… all their staff said we chose a good day of the week, not many ppl and we were even left alone at times to enjoy each room freely…

Exhibit ends May 31st


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