Sunny Hues

My 2nd pop up art exhibit… and since i only have one to compare it to (Dream Machine) i May say it wasn’t as organized and i also didn’t feel it was as exciting to enter each room… some instillations felt lazy made… but the cute ones i captured..

You first step into the crystal mirror room, which i felt should have been the finale.. cus everything else after was egh okay.

Followed by the sunflower room which i failed to save the photo…

Then you walk to the feather room

The the sea room / balloons

The floor was cute!

Then you can go down stairs for other instillations


The price (34$) and wait (even with reserved timing – 30min) wasn’t worth it I’m my opinion..

the desert was delish tho! Again i forgot to save the photo (sorry!)

Get tickets:

Their IG:

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