The Pint Shop

The Pint Shop by Museum of Ice Cream…

one of the first pop up art instillations that mixed art and edible treats!

I loved the Pint Shop! Definitely great for photo opportunity and shopping!

Their items are affordable the most expensive thing i may have come across was a sprinkle crown for 40$

Each isle is a different color and flavor theme…






There were two others (sprinkle & piñata)

And can i just say Piñata flavor ice cream was AMAZING!! must try!

Target will be carrying these ice cream soon!

I treated my self to a pin (12$) To add to my collection

And a post card (1$)… lol

Their pint size ice cream are 5$

Is free to visit, if you want to get a private tasting is 28$

Their link:

Their IG link:

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