Flash Back Friday: Camden Aquarium

This week we take it back to 2014

Camden Aquarium…

I love all animals (not so much of bugs but won’t kill them)

It was shark month… they had a special if you got there early you would be able to, i of course ran late *shrug

I would say next time but i kind left sad for the sea animals, I can’t see myself supporting the aquarium.

Here’s some of the memories… i apparently also missed the tunnel (definitely wasn’t winning on this day)

The pics aren’t as great… but in person you could see the marks of whiplash on the hippos.

Who doesn’t love petty small sharks & stingrays.


The best memories I had with one is getting near one while jet skiing in Miami…

And of course the sharks!

The place is nice. Stinks but the again you are around animals…

The food-court is an expensive Mad House.

Mayyyybeee once i pop a kid or two I’ll re visit.

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