Flash Back Friday: Festival of Balloons

Quick Check host an annual Festival of Balloons…

tickets start at 10$ for general admission

VIP start at 25$

Concert ticket start at 69$

Hot Air Balloon rose start at 240$

Being that this was my first one, and obviously not reading further details. I got there for the sunrise segment, thinking they only do it in the morning… i didn’t want to see the whole action of filling the balloons and watching people struggle to get in the basket and watch them take off and float away.

Lesson learned go to the evening segment.

Any-who it was a great experience. Dress warm as the morning is colder. Also bring lawn chair which you can also take back to your car and come back in so you not lugging it around as you continue to enjoy the festival. Make sure to get stamped.

Brenda and I enjoyed a Quickcheck breakfast as they were the only vendor serving early morning…

Then walked around to check what else was opened.

We came across the air balloon that was more of a tester ride. To see if you have a fear of it. And if you do you can just get on and say you’ve done it! Like me!!

As you can see it’s being held by some ropes so you go up so much…

View from the top. And let me tell you i was scared! Being in a basket with 4 other people wasn’t my cup of tea.

Great experience tho. This was 20$ you pay at the ride. I guess this was also a plus going morning time we didn’t wait a long line.

As the time went by more vendors started to open.

I didn’t capture pictures sorry. But New Jersey / New York winery we’re all over giving out tester! I’m not ever sure how many we had lol nothing wrong with morning wine. We of course supported them and bought bottles.

There is also the concert. 3 doors down was performing the main event. And the best part is, if you didn’t get tickets there’s the lawn area which leaves you close enough to enjoy. Bring a blanket to lay down. Also don’t wear khakis if it rains and you lay down because you’ll just look wet. Also another lesson learned.

By this time it was 4pm we enjoyed been up since 5am and were exhausted, thought let’s go home (since we can get stamped and come back in) nap and come back. Welp that didn’t happen we were just tooo tired. Upset we missed the concert but we enjoyed the most of the festival.

Also there’s so much for the kids to do. We saw a magic show also a trapezes show. For free!

Welp I’ll be returning possibly this year. It’s been 5 years since these pics I’m sure so much more have been added.



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