wknd escape: Poconos PA

Ending the month of January with a much needed get away to the Poconos Mountains…

Of course I Airbnb (i love that stuff!)

We booked a condo apartment… we didn’t go for the traditional mountain house, it was a smaller party.


The house provided all the essentials you needed. Minus the linens (bed covers & towels). Kitchen supplies / appliances for cooking. The water took a while to heat up but we had time.

The house was also in a great location.

3min from Big Boulder ski park, which you can see if you walk outside the balcony.

Where we enjoyed snow tubing for 3hrs / 30$ with tax & fees… i suggest you arrive early to purchase tickets as purchasing online does not guarantee you a spot at which hour you show up for. Online purchase you can save 4$ on weekends passes.

We were lucky to arrive an hour early (good thing my group listened to me or else we would have spent 3hrs waiting around) as i was the last person getting into the 1-4 time slot.

They have a standing lift slide thing that takes you up with your tube. The wait to come down did get long at times but the last hour i probably came down 3 times could have gone two more but i was exhausted.

Oh did i mentioned i missed my opportunity of being in AHFV ?! LOL

So we spot kids rubbing down a small snow pile, my boyfriend decided to join. I wanted to capture it, just so happens i was in the way…. i just wished someone got it from a different angle because apparently i did a front flip…

And about 15 min drive from Jack Frost ski park… which we got to see some skiers & snowboarders in a contest

It was great escape.. played games, danced, sang… cooked (which you have to catch me in the good mood for)… surrounded by the ones i love. Just wish it was longer stay.

Xoxo until next time.

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