City of Brotherly Love

I’m this case of just LOVE for me and Josh…

We decided to take a weekend escape for Valentine’s Day… skip the hour wait for pre-fix menu to be rushed out of the restaurant.

But i did get my flowers & chocolate 🙂

we arrived Friday.

I booked our stay via AirBnB of course. Is way more affordable than a hotel, and if you really want the city experience and be in the mix of life, that’s the way to go!

I got lucky finding a gem near down town and around the corner of the Magic Garden.

We were walking distance from most of the Philly cheese-stakes spots, bars and shopping stores.

Friday night we met up with friends who were also out celebrating Vday in Philadelphia. We went to a hookah lounge which i failed to remember the name. It was less than 10 minutes to get there.

The place served food. Fries were great and my chicken wrap was delicious. Music was good and the ambience was fun. A mixed crowd. The place has two level, the upper level had an outdoor patio, which definitely see it getting packed in nice weather.

Saturday we decided to go sight seeing, we took an Uber to a near hotel not far from all the museums and we started to walk.

We came across some amazing architecture details…

Each column had a different nationality and i fell in love with Native Americans details.

Was amazed at these animal heads.

We kept walking pass museums which all seem to have long lines if you didn’t have tickets in advance.

We finally made it to the LOVE exhibit

There was also a short line for that. But the good part you can ask the couple behind you to capture your pictures lol.

Now we can see the Rocky steps.. and we just kept walking towards that direction.

Sweet display of flags… of course i had to capture the Dominican Republic (I’m proud).

We here!!

No we didn’t run up the steps. Though the weather was in our favor, it wasn’t running up steps kind of weather lol.

We made it up without losing our breath… and FYI there’s gentlemen’s waiting to take pics of you and the scenery for a tip.

the city looks lovely from up top…

After that long quick walk… we were famished… so guess what we went for?!!!

Is a tight little spot they have another location two blocks down (wish i did my research on this one)

The wait wasn’t long, and lucky for us when we walked in, two were leaving. So we grabbed the stools and had a seat.

I of course went for chicken… i was stuffed with half.

After lunch we went for drinks up the street..

I heard it gets packed at night. Probably fun in the summer.

Saturday night, Josh gifted me tickets to see Boys II Men 🙂 he’s gotten us amazing seats.

Well let me just post some because all the videos I’ve captured will slow anyone’s computer/ phone.

Okay i hope I’m not singing in the background of any of these.

Welp that was my weekend I’m Philadelphia for Valentine’s Day, hope you enjoyed.

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