Rizo Curls Reina Network Night

So I told myself to stop being a punk and get out more even if I have to do it alone.

My first solo event, very awkward. Everyone seemed to know each other and have brought a friend.

But some were sweet and approachable.

I got to connect and exchange IG acct to continue connecting. Hoping to make curly sisters for future outings.

I went with intention to talk about my curl book.

The host was sweet and made sure she spoke with each guest.

Co host handed out post-it pad, you wrote a goal or fear and stuck it on a window. End of night we each picked a random note and connected with the person. It was very cute!

Before all that we got a private tour around Showfields.

Each floor was field with art and mini pop up shops from home to skin and animal care

We started on the 3rd floor

The most fun room…

And a slide that leads you to the 2nd floor

And from there on was mini pop up stores..

and arts display on walls

Goodies from the event…

Rizo Curls travel products…

And some skin care body scrubs

They plan to open up the rooftop soon, I’ll be returning for that!

Until my next solo outing!

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