Greatest Day Ever

Summer Music Fest

Greatest Day Ever!!

so here’s a quick run down..

It took me a smooth 1 hr ride from central Jersey…

27$ parking was right next door… you can search for street parking, I personally have no patience for that.

the sun was definitely out and shinning… so bring sun block!

Also avoid long clothing! (pants / shirts) i get the outfit you’ve been waiting to show off is a long Gucci track suit but sweat marks don’t look good.

One of the staff members broke down the rules… they will throw out your stuff, unless you manage to know how to sneak it in.

Vape pens / opened cigarette boxes / open water bottles are being tossed out.

Tho i smelled weed and seen vape pens.

Once you are let in, it make sure to get your 21+ wrist band…

i suggest studying the festival floor… as in going straight to rides there’s no line, and you prob can ride them 10 times, unless your fav artist comes up first.. Also hit up vendors some may be giving out free stuff (while supply last), we got cute Adidas cross body bag.

They definitely need more food opt.

rice bowl 15$ dumplings 5$

Drinks go up to 25$

Babe Rose 15$ with tip.

Fried Oreos 13 for 10$ << that’s a deal! Sorry didn’t capture was busy eating.

Games 5$

Air brush tattoo 10-20$

Water 5$

they don’t let you back in the theater with drinks… not sure food from the festival. They do have indoor bars, and snacks..

the music was cool, is really not my type to listen, but my niece and cousin were into it.

Danileigh is so pretty.

“City Girls” well “Girl” her partner is in jail.

Lil Baby

Will I go back? Probably not. Is cute, definitely young.

I did enjoy the space… i didn’t have ppl pushing and shoving.. it wasn’t crowded and uncomfortable. The staff were nice and the concert goers were too. Which i was actually thinking i was going to be annoyed at lol.

Next concert RULE BREAKERS in Sept.

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