Amiga Moms Social

This was a nice event that I didn’t know i needed. I’m not yet a mother but it is nice to see groups formed that supports them and I one day will join.

I was contacted by Mrs Guzman, and asked to be a sponsor, I of course agreed her idea was refreshing.

Her mission was not just for mothers but for all women.

The venue was decorated beautifully, the food was amazing and the drinks were definitely flowing lol… she had a photo booth which i unfortunately missed.

We played a fun game of “say it like your mother” lol my mother controlled us with her eyes, a skill i hope i inherit when i have a child lol i don’t have time to count till 3… and most the time kids still push you to see how far they can get.

Our Raffle Contest Winner!!

The event was great! We actually didn’t want it to end, we felt the time flew by! Who knew learning how to take time for you was much needed?! When you are balancing life and all the extra stuff added you put yourself aside.

Mrs Guzman continues to host Mindful events. I’ll be returning for more

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