Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

1. Know if they wants a private or public private: intimate setting, just you two. public: including family/friends or strangers.

2. Know the ring size. It must suck to have to wait to show off your ring because it needs to get sized.

3. Know their interest. Can be mutual interest also.

4. Remember to capture the moment someway, somehow.

5. Know they are The One you want to spend every single second of your life with.

Oh Baby!

I haven’t attended many weddings… i think I’ve attended more baby showers. Don’t let a baby be the reason you are committing a life to this person, if you deep down know you don’t see happiness. We all don’t want to raise a child in a split home, but if that’s the best way to give that child the best of everything, then do so! Don’t raise a child thinking that “i don’t have to be in love to be with someone”. A child observe and absorb everything around them. They grow up, you get divorced, they now know their whole childhood was a lie & that screws them up more than if you did it when you were younger.

How Hight?!

I personally feel a person should ask when they are at their highest In Love. When you are (not in a creepy way) obsessed with your partner. I know some may fall fast or hard from that peek, if it’s not true love. But if your partner shows the same amount of interest in you, as you do for them, why not absorb that feeling by adding a ring?! Don’t ask because “we been together for 15yrs, might as well”… now you are just settling because you are comfortable. You just have to know deep in your gut!


Building a foundation for your future. They say “if you come from a broken home, you will build one” i don’t believe that.
I’ve known relationships like that, high school sweet hearts, 14yrs together, two kids, “finally” get married, divorced in less than a year. Not saying the sooner the better, some people show their true colors after marriage or even after kids.

More To Be Added.

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