FRIENDS experience NY

who don’t love F•R•I•E•N•D•S this is my 2nd pop-up inspired by the show.. the first was back in 2014, when they brought Central Perk to life.

This time they went all out, recreating both apartments + central perk, along with other memorable moments and props.

The famous orange couch! And fountain scene.

Like it makes sense but none at the same time lol
The style vision for each character
It’s a GIANT Hugsy!
We went to Vegas
BFF till Death do us apart!
The steps had the lyrics to the theme song.
Monica’s & Rachel’s apartment.
Poking the naked guy
Rooftop chillin
Rachel’s special
Can i be wearing anymore clothes
The hallway
Chandler & Joeys place
Baywatch is on!
Waiting on pancakes
Phoebes gma cab
Central Perk

Until next time!

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