Cuban FOOD!

Where shall I begin?? 1st we didn’t starve… and neither will you. Whom ever said that must be the worst person to go out to eat with. I am Latina, so it wasn’t hard for me to love their food, Dominicans, Puerto Rican’s & Cuban all have similar cooking skills, they might just change the beans and the name of the dish… but it all ends up great!

In Cuba the food was not expensive… you can have fresh lobster for less than 30$!!

First i will start with my airbnb host & his wife… not many offer home cooked meals, we got lucky VERY lucky!

For 8$ you can get breakfast and for 15$ you can get lunch or dinner… we scheduled breakfast everyday, since we weren’t near any locations that would serve food that early.

We had boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or fried egg over medium, fresh fruits, bread & butter, ham and cheese, and sausages. Cant forget Cuban coffee & freshly made fruit juice.. we had a feast every morning and it was all soooo delicious

Our first day at the house we decided to stay in relax and get to know the home owner, we also decided to have dinner here, as the wife was cooking for her husband when we arrived we couldn’t help but want what she was cooking, it smelled delightful.

Dinner started with a cream soup (i wish i knew the name) it was so tasteful

She cooked land (chicken) and sea (tilapia)

And what is a Spanish dish with out avocado… that melts in you mouth…

I was obsessed with their bread and was so pleased to have had it with every meal…

I had the banana muffin that tasted like cotton candy and it was so fluffy, wish I wasn’t stuffed enough to have had the guayaba pastry

Our 2nd day while doing the Vintage car tour, before going to el Morro Castle, we stopped at a restaurant that reminded us of a tree house… being that it was upstairs and all wood, with a view

I had the Tropical source Loberst = 18$

These were my friends dishes… we took full advantage at all the sea food options here…

Grab meat…And shrimp…
And lets not for get the drinks…

As you can see i enjoyed every bite…

I do advice bug spray… they were all over.. to the point we just got use to the attending every outdoor meal.

Here is a photo with Roland (in purple) and his neighbor who also drove us around… we learned local Cubans aren’t aloud to eat at certain restaurants and also they cant attend shows that are for tourist such as Tropicana, heart breaking. But we asked the resturant host to let them eat with us…

When at Morro, as mentioned before right out side the castle there’s a little hut you can get fresh alcoholic drinks for 5$

And at the Plaza Vieja, if you can catch the ice cream truck please treat your self they were perfect to cool us down.. for 3$

At night we headed to Tropicana, I mentioned each reservation for came with a bottle and champagne starting at 75$ this includeds the show..

We received two bottles being that it was 5 of us… you can take the bottles home as well.

They had dinner options for 25$ a plate… i had land (chicken and steak) and sea (shrimp and fish)…

My friend had chicken..

I will admit the only thing I didn’t enjoy was the dessert… not a fan of lemon cheese cake or any cheese cake

The next day, we went to a very popular restaurant, be sure to make reservations way in advance like a week or two.

La Guarida..

Each room was very nicely decorated… if you are luck you may get a table outside

The drinks were amazing! Especially the pinacollada!! Drinks start at 4$

The appetizer were Devine!! Start at 2$-10$

I had the cheese ravioli…

Avocado salad


Main dish… 15$-22$, side 2.50$ desert 4.50$-9$


Roma Vieja

Lobster rice (my brother suggested- best thing in life)

Again we were to stuffed to make it to desert.
We also bought waters to go…

How cute was the box the bill came in..

We also found Jems that weren’t ever mentioned to us…

7 Dias was by the beach and also has a lounge right next door where we can listen to top 40 music.

We were craving cuban sandwiches 4$… also their pasta 8$ was amazing!! Which I didn’t get to capture.

Also on our last full day we found the perfect spot to eat we wished we strolled our block sooner..

Los Artesanos

4$ platano stuffed with ham and cheese

8$ fried chicken (pollo chiflao)… all this for 8$ i cant even get all this in Perth Amboy!!

While on the foot tour we found Floridita… Ill say it again BEST Daqueri ever! For 6$

For dinner we stopped next door to Fabrica de Arte…

El Cocinero (another on my brothers list) i cant remember the cost but the bill was 75$ for all 5 of us with drinks.

I really didn’t enjoy their Daqueri kinda tasted like margarita.

But their food was great!

Cheese empanadas to start…

Avocado salad.. so Perfect!

And fish /chicken / fish tacos…

So you can say we didn’t starve and everything tasted amazing that now I’m left craving it all again.!
Up next the adventure to Varadero..

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