Puerto Rico!!

Leave it to my boyfriend to want to plan a weekend escape to his island, 3 weeks prior.

My anxiety was at all time high! I kinda like to plan a head, especially when it pertains to booking a flight (where rates only go up daily) and booking a room (where rates also go up daily).

The flight cost us 1500$ round trip from Newark, directly to San Juan.

And of course I booked AirBnB!! Is Puerto Rico, Hotels don’t offer All-Inclusive. With not much digging and searching you can find a place with a view of the beach, and a pool! As i did… for 450$! Way less than a hotel. Though it don’t include complimentary breakfast, we can stroll the streets of PR and find local gems that do.


Our place just so happen to be in the perfect location!!

8min ride from airport, which we took the airport Taxi, costing us 16$. Next time we will Uber (6$ for return trip).

Upon arriving to this gated condominium apartments, security attended to us and called our host, who met us and answered any questions we may have had and also explaining details to our place.

We had access to the pool, garage if we rented a car, and how to go on to the beach.

We took in the view and beach air. Isn’t it perfect?!

Walgreens is across the street, with many restaurants to eat at, at walking distance. Honestly no car rental needed, unless you trying to go further than an hour.

I got Miami vibes honestly, everything was conveniently close by. Hotels had lounges if you want to party. Due to the storm, clubs on the strip been closed and are being renovated.


we walked to El San Juan hotel for some pool time and drinks. 15$ for a fresh mango mojito. I suggest you check with front desk before going to the pool. We skipped the whole process due to the lack of knowledge we needed a wrist band lol. Oops.

We decided to get all the tourist attractions out the way on the first day.

And just walking from our place to ESJ Hotel, you can spot some beauty.

But first food!

We took a cab from our place to Old San Juan, 21$. Returning ride via Uber cost 11$. This is when we gave up on cab rides.

We stopped at Raices.

I wasn’t to pleased with my dish.Note to self: go for sea food when on an island.

The place wasn’t very busy. The staffed dressed in traditional dresses. Very cute place. Surrounded by lots of restaurants.

They have an Instagram so you can get a better look at their food options.

bill: 62$

After getting directions and still getting lost, managed to enjoy the view while at it…

So many colonial style buildings.

we found the famous umbrella block.

Once i checked that off my list we just continued to stroll the streets of Old San Juan…

coming across cruise line docking deck where they have a walk up bar. Also this cute flower filled photo opp stand..

As we continue to stroll.. we find El Moro.

Behind it sits a small town called La Perla. Word is there’s only one car entrance to go in & out, cops aren’t allowed & you have to know someone to enter. Not sure how true is that.

But i got a pretty view of it.

El Moro is kinda very big & long walk… so avoid bad shoes.

We also found another popular photo opp location.. on a side street.

Friday Night

we decided to stay in and relax… all the traveling, settling in, the sun, drinking by the pool & all the walking, drained us a bit. And we had an early morning to prep for.


we went across the street to rent a car to head to Crash Boat beach, Jeep rental was 130$ for 1 day. Ps. Book in advance, even day of, through site to save money. We were lucky the guy was cool and had patience for our last minute booking.

The view on the way was amazing, the breeze was phenomenal, the sun was blazing! Please add sunscreen any chance you can. The drive was 2hrs but it went quick and you see all different areas of PR.

We arrived! Parking cost 4$

We grabbed some fresh pinchos and bacalaitos from beach vendors 10$

Boats pull up and dock on the beach…

Play their music and enjoy the beach.

Ps. Bring water shoes unless you enjoy the burning sand in your toes.

After a few hours of taking in the sun… it was time for dinner.

We asked one of the vendors for his favorite restaurant that serves fresh fried fish… he gave us to opt. We went with his first…

On the drive we enjoyed more view and watched the locals.

We were and are still pleased with our choice in restaurant.

The appetizers.

We had octopus empanadas

Crab meat and tostones

Chicharon de pescao

ALL sooooo yummy!!

We shared a 2 lb fried fish. We should have gone with a 1 or 1.5lb

But still worth it!

The restaurant was across the shore so the view was magnificent!

Bill: 97$

We made 1 more stop for desert…

My step fathers cousins ice cream shop. Just a 15 min ride from restaurant.

Picked up a strawberry roll

And a Nutella

Now craving!!

Bill: 11$

We head back home, and get ready for the night.

Saturday Night

we walk across the street to Pizza City

For some pizza, drinks and music.

Then walked down to the hotels for some casinos. Most closed down due to the hurricane, but Josh manage to find one though he wasn’t very happy that it was playing against the system and he wasn’t winning. Lol.


We headed to a very popular breakfast location. And again we were sooo pleased we went!

Uber: 3$

The wait wasn’t long. But if you come after 10 and a big group, expect to wait.

The place is a good size, very trendy and cute New York vibe.

My pretty drink, which i didn’t know what it was called so i pointed off the picture on their IG.

We didn’t get starters because we viewed the tables next to us and seen their dishes are NOT small.

His: bacon, cheese and steak filled omelette, with a side on Puerto Rican bread.

Mine: avocado boat filled with scrambled eggs topped with cheese and side of pita.

It was not small!

Bill: 64$

We walked back, after stuffing our face, we needed it.

That was only 15min stroll.

We relaxed a bit while it poured rain.

Then once it cleared we hit the beach.

Beach chair rental & umbrella 16$

Ice cream on the beach 3$ for two

1$ each shot of Bacardi

Sunday Night

We went to Piñones,

Uber 12$ to go, 6$ to come back.

Piñones, I’ll say is little DR!

A strip of restaurants by the beach, music of all kinds in each restaurant. Live bands playing and fresh fried or grilled food = heaven!

When i return I’ll plan a day visit.

Drinks were 10$

Chicken pinchos 6$ for 2


Sad day, returning home.

We walked to a close breakfast spot

Mi Casita.

Small cute little spot in a shopping center near a Burger King. We wanted fresh food.

Bill: 28$ with tip.

Then off to the airport we went.

But first one last look at our place that we will be returning!!

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