Growing-Up Curly book Collection

My third book is completed!

It’s been probably the hardest to date that I’ve created. Who would have thought coloring would have me stressed lol.

I broke it down to my favorite pieces from past coloring books… created new ones that were inspired by my love for Tim Burton. Also added some fierce female characters.

Here’s a glimpse of Curls & Cartoons II

I had an idea for a coffee table book style. I love how it all came out! Probably my new favorite. Glossy pages rich in colors.

And my first and second babies are still available for purchase!

I have updated my first book “Curly Hair Girl’s Aspirations”

2nd coloring book: “Curls & Cartoon” is here!! And I’m soooo in love with it!

The story behind this edition, I’ve had the experience of spending my Saturdays morning taming the curls & not my choice… and if anything made it go smooth it was watching cartoons.

I’ve actually drawn a few of them years ago as gift to friends… this time i put a whole book together… and this one maybe a collection, so yes if i missed any of your favorites they will most likely be in my 3rd book.

1st Coloring Book. “Curly Hair Girl’s Aspirations

I’m very private or maybe is a little insecurity that i have to many things I do, and many (including family & friends) don’t even know of these side skills i hold secret. For instance i teach recreational ballet & i also sketch.

I’ve been sketching these curly haired girls for a little over 4 years, started when I’m bored at a work meeting and zone out and start doodling in my note pad.

I started making iconic characters such as Daria & Jane, Chucky from Rugrats & The Stranger Things characters.

Then i was asking to be a panelist at Untangling Curls in Corporation, a question stood out “if my curls held me back from getting my job or moving up in the company” and even though i never personally experienced it, my sister in law has, which amazes me at this day and age… she work at a bank & her manager told her curly hair is not professional. Heart breaking to hear.

So this has inspired me to create my first coloring book, dedicated to curly hair girls who have aspirations. My sister Jasmín motivated me to put it together.

My coloring book can be purchased on “Book” menu tab.

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