Curls & Cartoons Launch

So i decided to plan my own launch brunch.. Something I’ve never done for myself, I kept it intimate & private with inviting my close friends and family.

Kept the table setting to a minimum… White and gold… Thanks to Amazon.

My girls & i favorite wine!

Fresh flowers.

Thanks to my amazingly talented sister-in-law for creating this balloon display for me! i loved it!!

The wind on the other hand, was all over it lol

Thank you to my creative never disappoints family.. Destinee for making me a Curly Catoon, cake topper.

And my mothers friend Graciela for making her delicious Dominican Cake!!

Hope there’s still cake left, that’s about to be my breakfast.

Some clips from my friends…

These canvas art you see, I’ve been holding on to for 3yrs or so, to embarrass to show. My mother put them on display & my girls just took them lol.

I also made my friends jewelry trays… Had my hands swollen from drawing & cutting 20 maybe more. Worth it!

So grateful for my circle.. Couldn’t of ask for more supportive friends and family.

Ps. Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for sponsoring my event.

Now to plan my first book signing!

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