Rose Wine Mansion


With much more rooms / photo opportunities. As soon as you step foot out the elevator.

The waiting area has a free coat / bag check /hold… You can start your photos there.

Be sure to have your I.D and ticket ready, make sure your whole party are together for check in. You also have to fill out a waver so arrive early to start the fun!

The first room is a cute cheesy and funny video breaking down the rules. Please follow and don’t ruin it for everyone else.

Now let’s take a walk…

The grape room…

Don’t forget to grab your cup and hold tight to it! Any replace cup will cost you.

Each server breaks down information about wine, lots of things I definitely didn’t know.


The scratch and sniff booths.. Photos weren’t so great in them but maybe for you.

Cleos Room… Definitely served my fav wine of the night.

Ps soo many photos opportunity in this one!

Also I may skip a room or two.

The temperature room prob was the most fun. Make sure you stand on the location to capture the illusion.

Play a game and find out what’s your wine…

i was sweet and from other reviews it was the best… But each of your friends can get different samples and you can try them all.

The Moulin Rouge room.. The girls were loving the mirror and couch…

The famous bathtub rose room… This time they have 3! So lines were moving faster.

The celebration room is definitely the new hit room! i loved it especially the floor… They had a piñata section which I wish I took a solo photo.

Bigger is better! They also upgraded their ball pit! If you dive in, you get a pin!

And now we exit (kinda)

To food and some relax time… Plus some more photos.

Cute lounge areas…

Swing chairs..

And another famous photo opp. The swinging chandelier. The line was to long so we skipped

Some Tacos and Quac dip.. Ps spicy.


Also if you drive in, park at the next block is cheaper 32$ / 3hrs

Wear comfy shoes.

And a cross over body bag so you can hold your drink in one and your phone in the other lol


July 22

This may be my new favorite…

& maybe because it included wine…

Any who, this was so fun! I do suggest maybe going during the weekday or the last slot.. some stations did have long lines.

But you can always enjoy a re full while you wait.

Okay so there’s about 11 different themes… some had three in 1 room

You start off by selecting your cup, which includes stickers and a pin!

The stickers is to decor the first room.. super cute! I’m all for leaving your mark somewhere.

Adorable vintage travel room

Room 3 had multiple

And this station where you try gummy bears with your wine which made it yummy!

Part of room 3 was a upstate NY vibe

And my 3rd drink

Follow the purple ball wall…

To the lab!

You select your preferences and they pass you your drink..

The ball pit is in this area (take off your shoes) the line was a bit much and i wasn’t up for it…

So i played with the champagne tower…

And stood still as the next line went down

Just to capture this..

I suggest be quick with it… no one likes to wait.. there’s also a swing but i didn’t care for it.

Another fun room with playful props

Not my best… but it will do. Lol.

Ps. Dear hubby i want this swing in our front porch. Thanks 🙂

Game of Thrones ready

And more wine

And art!

And the final room…



You aren’t timed in each room,

You don’t have to stay with your group,

You get a sample drink in each room.


The lines for some photo ops are sometimes a wait.


Get there on time.

Have cameras ready.

Know the poses you want to capture.


Skip ppl.

Walk in front of ppl taking pictures.

This pop up end in Oct! So you have plenty of time to visit! I may have to return once more.

Here’s the link;

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